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Hey! We're glad you stopped by.

One thing you'll notice when you come in to Brie & Bartlett: we're a tight-knit team, and we're all happy you chose to join us today!
Everything about Brie & Bartlett has been carefully curated for the best experience possible--the team, the food, the menu, the music, the decor. We're always striving to maintain a space where staff and guests alike are happy to be. 

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Our Story

Brie & Bartlett began as a Valentine's Day fundraiser for an animal rescue back in 2021. The response from the community was so great, we looked for ways to bring charcuterie to town on-demand!

We got creative and converted a 120-square-foot office suite into a ghost kitchen, where guests could preorder and pick up their charcuterie. Since we launched on Halloween of 2021, we have grown from a one-person operation to a staff of 8 in a 1400-square-foot storefront and cafe (with a few short stops along the way).


We took a gamble and launched Brie & Bartlett at a time where human interaction was severely limited, businesses were consistently closing, and we were able to thrive despite that, which we attribute to our people-first approach to business. When you come to Brie & Bartlett, you'll find that we know a lot of our guests by name; we'll ask about the grandkids, we'll want to know how that wedding you attended last month was, we'll do our best to make sure you still hate olives before building your charcuterie board. That's because connecting with people is our goal--great food is an integral part of our business, and is something we are always striving for, but is still secondary to building and cherishing the relationships we get to create along the way.


Presley & Jamie


We'd love to work with you!


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